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iPhone 15 Electroplating MagSafe Case with Camera Protection - Black

iPhone 15 Electroplating MagSafe Case with Camera Protection - Black

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Product Features:

  • [Clear and Transparent Restoration Texture] Crystal Clear iPhone 15 case, clear and transparent to show true color, ultra thin, light and soft to restore texture. Supports wireless charging, when using wireless charging, you don't need the phone case to eliminate.
  • [Not Yellowing] High quality raw materials, adding anti oxidation technology, never yellowing.
  • [Camera Protection] Precisely cut holes, all inclusive camera, slightly higher than the design of the camera (0.3mm) to protect the camera. Perfect workmanship, the buttons are as comfortable as the real machine, effectively extending the life of the buttons.
  • [Built-in corner padding airbags] Supdeal's exclusive design includes corner built in padding airbags, shock and drop tests, effectively protecting the phone from accidental drops, safe and reliable.
  • [The multicolor choice will not fall off from the paint, the soft fit will not harm the machine] anti scratch and friction tests without paint chipping. The phone case is soft and snug fit and will not hurt the phone after disassembled.
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